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MARPE Diplo – Associated partners

The Strategic partners have selected their Associated partners based on 3 objectives:

1) their constructive attitude towards the co-creational approach aiming to develop an epistemic community around Public, Corporate and Civic Diplomacy,

2) their reputation, expertise in the fields of public relations, communication and public diplomacy to feed and support the concept of lifelong learning and help optimising the participants’ employability;

3) their audience and reach locally, regionally, in Europe and beyond in order to endorse, enhance and amplify the dissemination capacity of the project and, thus, make sure that the body of knowledge generated throughout the project reaches as many stakeholders as possible.

The activities involving the Associated partners are:

  • to participate in project Activities by teaching and training,
  • to participate in project Events by delivering presentations,
  • to co-author various materials,
  • to disseminate the project news and outputs throughout their networks.

Find out more below about the MARPE Diplo Associated partners:

National Professional Associations in Communication & PR

  • Asociația Română de Relații Publice – ARRP (Romania)
  • Associação Portuguesa de Comunicação de Empresa – APCE (Portugal)
  • C² Square (Belgium)
  • Chartered Institute of Public Relations – CIPR (UK)
  • Corporate Excellence (Spain)

Knowledge organisations

  • Euprera (EU)
  • GovLab (NYU-USA)
  • Protagoras (Belgium)

Independent researchers and experts

  • Bruno Asdourian – Senior Lecturer in Communication and Medias Sciences, University of Fribourg
  • Pierluigi Puglia – Head of Press and Public Affairs – Spokesperson for the UK in Italy, British Embassy in Rome
  • Wilfried Bolewski – Dr. jur., Professor of International Law and Diplomacy, Associate Editor of ‘Diplomacy and Foreign Policy’


  • Roger Hayes – Assoc. Prof. LKY School of Public Policy, NUS, Singapore; Fellow CIPR and past president IPRA (passed away in March 2020; details below)

Asociația Română de Relații Publice – ARRP (Romania)

ARRP is the only Public Relations professional association in Romania, created in 1995. It brings together individual professionals and PR agencies in order to advance the field and the profession; it was instrumental in introducing „Public Relations specialist” as a recognized profession in Romania. Innovation is a key value of ARRP, supporting initiatives and projects that approach the development of new areas of study and practice within the communication field – a reason for ARRP’s role as associated partner. The association has about 100 active members and 1000 associates.


Associação Portuguesa de Comunicação de Empresa – APCE (Portugal)

APCE represents the interests of its associates, mainly Corporate Communication and Public Relations officers and managers, including spokespersons in Portugal and abroad. It is a discussion and reflection forum, open to all those involved in Communication Sciences, whether in Corporate or Academic domains. APCE is regarded as Portugal’s main association in Corporate Communication and Public Relations, striving for their promotion and development.




C² Square (Belgium)

C Square or Communication Community represents and defends the interests of all (future) professionals in communication (agencies, small communication bureaus, independents, communicators working for companies or not for profit organizations, students and professors: about 500 members) because of its strong ties with the EU institutions in Brussels besides its national embedment. It also aims to promote the profession, to develop deontological codes, to offer services to its membres to improve their professional skills, and to become an interactive platform where communication professionals can meet, learn and network. C² represents public relations, public affairs, internal communication, financial communication, communication CSR, marketing communication, social media, corporate publicity, etc. C² issued from the fusion of the former BPRCA (communication agencies) and 3C (association of individual communication professionals) and was launched in November 2016.


Chartered Institute of Public Relations – CIPR (UK)

The participation of the CIPR enhances the project in a number of ways. First it significantly enhances the dissemination of outputs and outcomes as the CIPR has 10,000 members both in the UK and internationally. Second it provides a platform for strong interaction between academia and industry to research and analyse the impact of the emerging discipline of public, corporate and civic diplomacy. Third it enhances the development of skills and competences to increase employability resulting from the project. Founded in 1948, the CIPR has a total membership of over 10,000 in the UK and internationally.


Corporate Excellence (Spain)

Corporate Excellence – Center for Reputation Leadership is a nonprofit think tank around reputation management, branding, communication, intangible metrics and public affairs. It is 10 years old and resulted from the merge of the Corporate Reputation Forum (created in 2002) and the Institute for Intangible Analysis (created in 2004). The founding vision of the organisation is that communication and reputation management can transform companies into excellent organizations.



The European Public Relations Education and Research Association is a network of academic staff and researchers attracting, conveying, disseminating and creating innovations in Public Relations and communication. It aims at stimulating and promoting innovative knowledge and practices of public relations education and research in Europe. Euprera cooperates with the leading PR associations, scientific journals and practitioners from many countries because it is equally essential for any practitioner to keep informed about the most recent developments regarding fundamental and applied research and about new trends in the educational field. EUPRERA gathers about 500 members from 40 different countries in and outside the EU and offers to provide academic and multiplier support to the strategic partners.



The Governance Laboratory @NYU (GovLab) aims at building a research foundation on how to transform governance using advances in science and technology. The GovLab is an action-research center with a mission to improve people’s lives by changing the way “we” govern. It aims to accomplish this by leveraging advances in technology to enable more open, collaborative, effective, and legitimate ways to make better decisions and solve public problems. Its goal is to strengthen the ability of institutions – including but not limited to governments – and people to work more openly, collaboratively, effectively and legitimately to make better decisions and solve public problems. They believe that increased availability and use of data, new ways to leverage the capacity, intelligence, and expertise of people in the problem-solving process, combined with new advances in technology and science can transform governance. They approach each challenge and opportunity in an interdisciplinary, collaborative way, irrespective of the problem, sector, geography and level of government.


Protagoras (Belgium)

This Belgian Think Tank for researchers and practitioners in Political and
Institutional communication (communication politique et publique) is coordinated by IHECS (Institut des Hautes Études des Communications Sociales). It aims at building bridges between academic research and the -still – emergent professional field of public, institutional and political communication. This objective is integrated into a larger perspective of valorisation of communication praxis and their impact in the media.


Roger Hayes

We announce with great regret that Roger Hayes passed away in March 2020. We remember him as an enthusiastic partner of the MARPE Diplo project, always ready to provide valuable content and insights, to help further an idea or the project itself. Rest in peace.

Doctorate in Public Diplomacy and Public Relations, Henley Business School, Assoc. Prof. LKY School of Public Policy, NUS, Singapore teaching public and business diplomacy, writer, researcher and speaker. Fellow CIPR and past president IPRA. Senior counselor based in APCO World wide’s London office. He specializes in international strategic communication with a particular interest in emerging countries, especially in Africa and Asia, where he has worked for both governments and the private sector. Apart from consulting, he has also undertaken communication training assignments in Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India and China.


Bruno Asdourian

Senior Lecturer in Communication and Medias Sciences, University of Fribourg (Switzerland), SNF Researcher at SMAshIng project. Holds a PhD on Communication relation and social media: A case study on wildfire awareness (http://tel.archives-ouvertes.fr/tel-00573962). He teaches (o.a.) on Transparency communication, crowdsourcing and open innovation (Masters level) and published on the crossing of public and civic diplomacy.


Pierluigi Puglia

Head of Press and Public Affairs – Spokesperson for the UK in Italy, British Embassy in Rome. His policy areas of interest/expertise are: climate change, energy security, economic prosperity, sustainable development, migration. He supervises the operation and output of the Press and Public Affairs team, covering Stakeholder engagement, Media relations, Events, Digital and social media, Public relations, Internal communication, Translation & language services. He co-ordinates the organisation and delivery of all aspects of public diplomacy and media handling for events and VIP visits to Italy, acting as brand and reputation manager for the Embassy and the whole of the UK Network in Italy. He co-ordinates stakeholders’ engagement, including private sector companies, think tanks, academia, NGOs, Italian national and local institutions, and media as well as fund raising for campaigns, events and other public diplomacy initiatives. He oversees monitoring of media for coverage of issues relevant to the UK in Italy, relaying these to internal and external stakeholders as necessary.
He acts as the UK in Italy spokesperson and the main point of contact for all the media, representing the UK in Italy at meetings and conferences as well as in media interviews and holding responsibility for establishing and cultivating contacts in local and international media in areas relevant to the Embassy work.
He also has academic and teaching experience

Wilfried Bolewski

Wilfried Bolewski, Dr. jur., is a retired German Ambassador and Chief of Protocol to Chancellors Merkel and Schröder when they were accompanied on their diplomatic visits abroad by global business leaders. He experienced international diplomatic practice and decision-making closely at the highest level and served at bilateral, multilateral as well as consular missions on all continents. As Professor of International Law and Diplomacy since 2008, he has been teaching at Freie Universität Berlin, Sciences Po Paris and the American University of Paris. He is an Associate Editor of the journal ‘Diplomacy and Foreign Policy’ (Brill Research Perspectives in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy).

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