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is a 3 year Erasmus+ KA2 (Strategic Partnerships) project developed by the MARPE Network. Our aim is to develop a European Higher Education curriculum in public, corporate and civic diplomacy.


Developing a European Body of Knowledge in Public, Corporate and Civic Diplomacy requires not only a transnational approach, but also a very diverse stakeholder map. A wide range of stakeholders will be engaged by the Strategic partners in this process including business, civil society, communication practitioners, associations, diplomats and other members from foreign affairs, academics from communication and other disciplines, as well as their students.

The need for developing a theoretical framework, a European body of knowledge and an epistemic community can be seen:

  1. in calls of EU and national institutions to involve and include their citizens in public debates to rebuff Euroscepticism and populism, and to ensure that member states grant more equitable access to citizens for benefits of EU-supported programmes: EU Citizens Dialogues, participative debates in France, worldwide emerging participative citizenship linked to social media (public diplomacy – PD);
  2. in the growth of public sphere communication agendas requiring businesses and organisations to show increasing transparency and sensitivity over operations, processes and overall governance and to engage with civil society more widely; in the need for a Community Power Facility or EU support for social entrepreneurship to spur resilience and unlock local creativity to solve local challenges (corporate diplomacy – CoD);
  3. in the proliferation of citizens platforms mobilising media attention and therefore amending or harming political and business agendas. Civic diplomacy (CiD) can be found in “the independent diplomatic activities of non-state actors working across borders, whether they engage states, market entities, or other civil society organisations.

In order to achieve the goal of the MARPE Diplo project, the following activities will take place:


Ghent – 06 Feb 2019 – A Public Diplomacy perspective on Brexit: Are States ignoring the power of Soft Power?

Valencia – 23 May 2019 – Exploring theory and practice in Public, Corporate and Civic Diplomacy

Bucharest – 28 Feb 2020 – Strategic Communication: Taking Civic Movements towards Civic Diplomacy

Lisbon – 10 December 2020 – Corporate Diplomacy: A Compass for Public/Private Management in Turbulent Times 

Bucharest – 2 July 2021 – Communication and Diplomacy: next steps in pedagogy and research


Lisbon – May 31 – June 01 2021


GhentIntensive Study Programme – 2019

Ghent/BrusselsIntensive Study programme – 2021 – cancelled


The MARPE Diplo newsletter is sent every two months or for special events. All newsletters are available on their dedicated website page – consult all issues HERE!


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