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MARPE Talk Bucharest

Welcome to

the University of Bucharest,

in Romania!


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The MARPE Diplo talks series continues on February 28th, 2020 by exploring the role strategic communication plays in the way civic movements develop a civic diplomacy component, focusing on the Romanian public sphere. Our panel is a mix of civil society representatives, professionals, and academics that will explore the topic from their specialized perspectives. The event is aimed at students who want to develop a deeper understanding of diplomacy and its nuanced dimensions, particularly the civic one, from a communication perspective. You can join us in three ways:

  1. by attending the event – please register below
  2. by following the event live on our Facebook page
  3. by addressing questions to our panel on Facebook or Twitter using #MARPEdiplo


Camelia Cmeciu – professor, Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, University of Bucharest

Ana-Maria Diceanu – co-founder, Global Women in Public Relations Romania

Cătălin Hosu – vice-president, Romanian Public Relations Association

Cosmin Pojoranu – communication director, Funky Citizens

Olivia Vereha – co-founder / Chief Operations Officer, Code 4 Romania


Anca Anton – MARPE Diplo national representative in Romania, lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, University of Bucharest


10.00-10.15 – registration & coffee

10.15-10.30 – official opening

10.30-11.30 – individual interventions from speakers

11.30-12.30 – panel discussion, Q&A

12.30 – lunch

Venue: European Public Space, 31 Vasile Lascăr street, Bucharest

Public event – free entrance, previous on-line registration required

Official language – English

Who are the members of our panel?

Camelia Cmeciu Speaker MARPE Talk Bucharest 2020

Camelia Cmeciu is a professor at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies, University of Bucharest, Romania and the editor-in-chief of Styles of Communication, indexed in ERIH PLUS, EBSCO, DOAJ etc. Her research interests cover international organizational and political communication, crisis and risk communication, social movements, semiotics. She is the author of Strategii persuasive în discursul politic (Persuasive Strategies in Political Discourse), Semiotici textuale (Textual Semiotics) or Tendințe actuale în campanile de relații publice (Present Tendencies in Public Relations Campaigns). She was the project manager of the “European citizens – (De)legitimators of a networking Europe” (e-Eurociti) project http://eeurociti.fjsc.unibuc.ro/. Her work on international public relations, organizational discourse or social movements appears in academic journals like Semiotica, Public Relations Review, Comunicar, European Legacy, Communication & Society, or Communication Today.

Ana-Maria Diceanu Speaker MARPE Talk Bucharest 2020

Ana-Maria Diceanu has an experience of 19 years in corporate communication, reputation management and crisis communication, working with companies in challenging industries such as banking, retail, pharma and oil&gas. ​Co-founder and President of Global Women in PR Romania, Ana-Maria is also CIPR member and the first Romanian PR person certified AMEC. She is the founder and CEO of Brain 4 Strategy, a consultancy firm specialized in strategic communication and crisis management.

Cătălin Hosu Speaker MARPE Talk Bucharest 2020

Cătălin Hosu is a communication and public relations expert, with over 20 years of experience, and always worked for leaders of the market. He started in 1997 as a radio journalist, then moved to TV as producer, special reporter, anchor and talk-show host, and for daily print newspaper. In 2003, embarked for a corporate communications role in a stock-exchange listed company, where he moved up to the role of manager of communications, press relations and spokesperson. In 2015, he decided to start an independent communication company – COMM360 – doing mainly strategic communication and crisis communication consultancy. Since 2014, he is vice-president of ARRP – Romanian Public Relations Association, one of the Associated partners of the MARPE Diplo project.

Cosmin Pojoranu Speaker MARPE Talk Bucharest 2020

Cosmin Pojoranu is constantly preoccupied with making democracy sexy again. He works as a Communication Director for Funky Citizens, a Bucharest-based good-governance NGO, since its inception, in 2012. He has coordinated multidisciplinary teams to come up with creative civic education materials and even physical spaces, such as the interactive civic education laboratory themed as an 80s communist apartment – 80east. Cosmin is a founding member of Factual.ro, the only political fact-checking initiative in Romania. He believes in the power of bottom-up communities, having been involved with various local civic groups, such as Uniți Salvăm or Geeks for Democracy. He co-founded the youth-oriented “Oricum” organisation back in 2005, with a focus on innovation and learning by doing, and has also worked as a copywriter in the Romanian advertising industry for three years (Foto: Andrei Pungovschi).

Olivia Vereha Speaker MARPE Talk Bucharest 2020

Olivia Vereha – Holding a background in communication and user experience design, Olivia is today fulfilling the role of Chief Operations Officer for Code for Romania, a civic technology non-profit, based in Bucharest, Romania. After several years spent in the media, holding a great passion for the digital world, she found her place in the inner works of experience design, building intuitive and usable digital products meant to change the surrounding world for the better. After joining Code for Romania as a volunteer in the first months of the existence of the organisation she quickly realised this would be it. A place where technology empowers people and communities, where the digital universe works as an enabler for having a better life. Olivia has since then worked on designing software that changes systems, that supports the public sector, that empowers NGOs to work faster and have a greater impact. In a few words, building the civic technology infrastructure needed in a modern society. Olivia is currently coordinating the Civic Labs, an uniques programme in Romania, meant to incubate and design solutions for the country’s most pressing issues in key fields like Education, Environment, Healthcare, Vulnerable Groups, Transparency and Civic Engagement. At the same time, she is sitting on the Code for Romania board and represents the NGO in the Code for All network, after a mandate as one of the members of its Executive Committee.

Anca Anton Moderator MARPE Talk Bucharest 2020

Anca Anton is a lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, University of Bucharest, teaching Marketing, Corporate PR, and Digital Writing. She collaborates with the Faculty of Business Administration and the Faculty of Foreign Languages (University of Bucharest) for various BA/MA English-taught courses: Intercultural Communication and Negotiation, Public Relations and Strategic Communication for Businesses, Organizational Culture. She has an extensive experience in EU-funded projects, specializing in communication and marketing consultancy; in addition, she initiated and is the coordinator of a nationally-awarded environmental volunteering project since 2006. Anca Anton has been part of the MARPE team since 2012 and is the Romanian coordinator within the MARPE Diplo project. She is also a member of EUPRERA and ARRP.

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