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MARPE Diplo results

was a 3-year Erasmus+ KA2 (Strategic Partnerships) project developed by the MARPE Network between 2018-2021. Our aim was to develop a theoretical framework, a Higher Education curriculum and a European body of knowledge based on the three pillars of the project: public diplomacy, organisational diplomacy, and civil society diplomacy.

A video overview of the MARPE Diplo project

This video presents not only the activities of the project and the dynamic of the MARPE network as best practice for academic partnerships, but also the conceptual journey of MARPE Diplo, bringing together public relations and diplomacy.  

The MARPE Diplo activities covered research, pedagogy, and engagement with relevant stakeholders, both within and outside academia.

On this page you will find videos presenting various components of the project, as well as materials and publications that you can use and integrate into your own explorations into the intersection of communication and diplomacy.


You are free to use these materials for pedagogical purposes. If you do so, please let us know about it. In the Erasmus+ spirit of collaboration and openness, we would like to share with you our experiences and recommendations, as well as hear from you about the results, strengths and weaknesses, or suggestions for improvement.

MARPE Diplo Glossarydownload link

MARPE Diplo Curriculum – Short Lifelong Learning (LLL) Programme Proposal – download link

MARPE Diplo CurriculumMaster Programme Proposal – download link

MARPE Diplo Book – Diplomacy, Organisations and Citizens. A European Communication Perspective (Springer 2021) – presentation download linkonline order link (Springer website)

MARPE Diplo Literature Reviewlink – Feel free to explore the bibliographical references collected during our conceptual journey. As the different forms of diplomacy we study correspond to an emerging domain, this literature review includes references from different scientific fields: public relations, strategic communication, international relations, political sciences, business, law or strategic studies. (see also: dynamic network visualisation | static – network domain-authors | static – network domain-journals)


The MARPE Talks provide a collection of academic and professional reflections and case studies showcasing the research and practice of Public, Organisational and Civil Society Diplomacy. In addition, the MARPE Talks series reflect the conceptual evolution of these three pillars on which the MARPE Project is based.

Ghent – 06 Feb 2019 – A Public Diplomacy perspective on Brexit: Are States ignoring the power of Soft Power?

Event details | Synthesis video | Full video

Valencia – 23 May 2019 – Corp(H)ate Diplomacy: Exploring theory and practice in Corporate Diplomacy

Event details | Synthesis video | Full video

Bucharest – 28 Feb 2020 – Strategic Communication: Taking Civic Movements towards Civic Diplomacy

Event details | Synthesis video | Full video

Lisbon – 10 December 2020 – Corporate Diplomacy: A Compass for Public/Private Management in Turbulent Times

Event details | Synthesis video | Full video

Bucharest – 2 July 2021 – Communication and Diplomacy: next steps in pedagogy and research

Event details | Synthesis video | Full video

The last MARPE Talk took place in Bucharest, Romania, and was the final event of the project. We took this opportunity to present and discuss the conceptual journey of the project, as well as explore alongside the participants their MARPE experience and new research and pedagogical avenues. Have a look below at the synthesis video and do have a look at the videos of our other MARPE Talks!

Lisbon – May 31 – June 01 2021 – MARPE Diplo: Fostering European Citizenship through Public, Organisational and Civic Diplomacy (online international conference)

Conference page | Synthesis video | Video programme

Keynote speakers (Nicholas Cull and Jim Macnamara) – full video

Session 1 – full video – From hard power to soft power in Public Diplomacy – Alexandre Markovic, Asma Bassoum, Sofiane Oubela, Lucile Desmoulins

Session 2 – full video – The never-ending evolution of Public Diplomacy – Mihaela Păun, Hélène Boulanger & Anne-Marie Cotton, Gabriela Seccardini, Zhao Alexandre Huang & Rui Wang

Session 3 – full video – Organisational Diplomacy & the Global Common Goods – Juliana Santos, Andreia Soares, Juan Luís Manfredi

Session 4 – full video – Reinforcing the role of the citizen in diplomacy – Sónia Sebastião & Isabel Soares, Camelia Cmeciu, Raluca Moise, Anca Anton

Take a look at the synthesis video, identify which sessions/presentations are of interest to you and have a look at the full videos!


1. The 2020 Global Alliance webinar on Corporate Diplomacyfull video

During the reconfiguration process of the project because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had the opportunity to develop webinars and to contribute, as a EUPRERA project, to the Global Alliance Education & Training Month #GAETM. We developed a webinar and we are happy to invite you to view it on the EUPRERA Youtube channel: “Exploring the meaning of the term “corporate” diplomacy in a European perspective”.

EUPRERA announcement – here.
Global Alliance announcement – here.
2. The 2020 EUPRERA MARPE Diplo webinar – Setting out the conceptsfull video

This video was dedicated to the progress of the research done by the MARPE Diplo team, analysing an emerging discipline – public, corporate and civic diplomacy – at the intersection of the fields of communication sciences, international relations, and political sciences from a communication / PR perspective. The activity was part of the EUPRERA 2020 autumn webinar session.

EUPRERA autumn webinar session – here


Two Intensive Study Programmes (ISP) were scheduled to take place in Ghent, Belgium, during the MARPE Diplo project, one in 2019 and one in 2020. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented us from organising the second edition. If the first edition was any indicator, the second one would have been a great experience for everyone involved. Please read below the story of the first ISP and go over the videos we created to showcase the experience.

GhentIntensive Study Programme – 2019 (the story)

MARPE Diplo ISP 2019 – numbers | MARPE Diplo ISP 2019 – work and fun | MARPE Diplo ISP 2019 – find out more!

Throughout the 3 years of the MARPE Diplo project, we sent out 9 newsletters presenting the project opportunities and content delivered, as well as invite the members of the MARPE community to join us. All newsletters are available on their dedicated website page – consult all issues HERE!

The MARPE team thanks you for your support, it has been an incredible, challenging and valuable experience!

We hope to be able to let you know soon about our next project, so please subscribe to our newsletter!


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