Throughout the MARPE Diplo project, two elements directly address the understanding, use and development of digital competencies by students and professionals: the Intensive Study Programmes (ISPs) and the MARPE Talks.

The MARPE Talks provide a collection of academic and professional reflections and case studies showing how the coherent and consistent use of digital competencies influences the practice of Public, Corporate and Civic Diplomacy.

The MARPE Talks are half-day panels of maximum 5 speakers debating on a specific topic related to Public, Corporate or Civic Diplomacy, closely involving both strategic and associated partners. Five MARPE Talks are scheduled at the locations of the five Strategic partners involving academics, professionals and students both in real and virtual life.


Each speaker will deliver a 20 min. presentation, giving his/her perspective on the topic, followed by a moderated debate within the panel. A Q&A segment will allow the participants to interact and bring their own perspectives and experience. The event will end with a networking session involving all participants. Each session will be live-streamed and will also lead to MARPE Papers edited by the organizing strategic partner.

Ghent, Belgium – 06 Feb 2019 – A Public Diplomacy perspective on Brexit: Are States ignoring the power of Soft Power?


The first MARPE Diplo Talk took place in Ghent on February 6th, 2019 and it addressed the issue of Public Diplomacy. Speakers: Richard Linning (Public Diplomacy and Outreach project, EU Delegation Ha Noi Vietnam), Nicolas Baygert (Professor, ULB, IHECS, Sciences Po Paris, CELSA), Alastair McCapra (CEO, Chartered Institute of Public Relations), Pierluigi Puglia (Head of Communications, British Embassy, Rome)

Valencia, Spain – 23 May 2019 – Corp (H)ate Diplomacy. Exploring theory and practice in Corporate Diplomacy


The second MARPE Diplo Talk took place in Valencia on May 23rd, 2019 and it addressed the issue of Corporate Diplomacy. Speakers: Ángel Alloza (CEO at Corporate Excellence), Javier Valiente (Managing Partner Madrid at Political Intelligence), Alberto López Valenzuela (CEO at Alva)

Bucharest, Romania – 28 Feb 2020 – Civic Diplomacy


Lisbon, Portugal – 28 May 2020 – Corporate and Public Diplomacy: contexts and convergences

Nancy, France – 04 Feb 2021 – Trans-disciplinarity strengthening the legitimacy of Public, Corporate and Civic Diplomacy